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The NY3 series are single-chip voice synthesizing CMOS IC. According to different IC series, each body has one to five I/O pins. Through accurate internal oscillation, external Rosc is unnecessary. There is only one PWM output for voice. Thus any external component is not required. Customer’s speech data can be programmed into ROM by changing one code mask during fabrication. Besides, two interactive software developing tools of “Q-Speech” & “Quick-IO” are user-friendly and quick for programming.

  1. The total voice duration can be partitioned up to maximum 768 Voice Sections.
  2. Wide operating voltage: 1.6V ~ 6.4V.
  3. Total maximum 1536 Voice Steps are available for 128 Voice Sentences.
  4. Only build in an accurate internal oscillator, no external R oscillator. There are many kinds of options for play speed, and each Step can select any one of them independently.
  5.  “Mode-Switch” special function. (Mask option)
  6.  “Power-On-Play” special function (POP). (Mask option)
  7.  “Special SC” special function. (Mask option)
  8. “Motor-Recover” special function. (Mask option)
  9.  “2-Key Priority” special function. (Mask option)
  10.  “TG-Invert” special function. (Mask option)
  11.  “Table Random” special function. (Mask option)
  12.  “Pause-Resume” special function. (Mask option)
  13.  “Internal-Feedback” special function. (Mask option)
  14.  Serial-Trigger function.
  15. One 10-bit PWM output. There are 2 kinds of PWM output, normal and large. It can directly drive 8, 16, 32, 64Ω speaker or piezo-buzzer.
  16. Low-Voltage-Reset (LVR) option. When voltage is lower than 1.6V, IC will reset by itself. (Mask Option)

For details of the above functions, please refer to Q-Speech user manual, or contact Nyquest or her agents.



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