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Nyquest provide good quality and efficiency OTP ICs that have complete and total solutions for all series of Nyquest products.


NY8 Series

NY8series adopts advanced CMOS technology to provide customers remarkable solution with low cost, high performance and high noise immunity benefits. As NY8 address I/O type applications, each I/O pin may have additional features, like Pull-High/Pull-Low resistor and open-drain output type through programming. Moreover, NY8 series has built-in large infrared (IR) carrier generator ([email protected]) with selectable IR carrier frequency and polarity for applications which demand remote control feature. Therefore, NY8 series is very suitable for those applications that are sophisticated but compact program size is required.

  • Wide operating voltage range: (@4 clock CPU cycle)
  • Wide operating temperature: -40 °C ~ 85 °C.
  • High ESD over ±8KV.
  • High EFT over ±4KV with Noise Filter Enable. (Operating voltage @5v)
  • 1K x 14 bits EPROM.
  • 48/64 bytes SRAM.
  • 6/12 general purpose I/O pins (GPIO), PA[3:0], PB[7:0], with independent direction control.
  • 8-level hardware Stack.
  • Direct and indirect addressing modes for data access.
  • One 8-bit up-count timer (Timer0) with programmable prescaler.
  • One 8-bit reload or continuous down-count timers (Timer1).
  • One 8-bit resolution PWM (PWM1) output.
  • One buzzer (BZ1) output.
  • Selectable 38/57KHz IR carrier frequency and high/low polarity according to data value.
  • IR carrier sink current can be normal sink current or 340mA large sink current.
  • Built-in Power-On Reset (POR).
  • Built-in Low-Voltage Reset (LVR).
  • Built-in Watch-Dog Timer (WDT) enabled/disabled by firmware control.
  • Dual-clock oscillation: System clock can switch between high oscillation and low oscillation.
  • High oscillation:     
    • E_HXT (External High Crystal Oscillator, above 6MHz)
    • E_XT (External Crystal Oscillator, 455K~6MHz)
    • I_HRC (Internal High Resistor/Capacitor Oscillator ranging from 1M~20MHz)
  • Low oscillation:      
    • E_LXT (External Low Crystal Oscillator, about 32KHz)
    • I_LRC (Internal 32KHz oscillator)
  • Four kinds of operation mode to reduce system power consumption: Normal mode, Slow mode, Standby mode and Halt mode.
  • Five hardware interrupt events:
    • Timer0 overflow interrupt.
    • Timer1 underflow interrupt.
    • WDT timeout interrupt.
    • PB input change interrupt.
    • External interrupt.
  • Five interrupt events to wakeup from Standby mode:
    • Timer0 overflow interrupt.
    • Timer1 underflow interrupt.
    • WDT timeout interrupt.
    • PB input change interrupt.
    • External interrupt.
  • Three interrupt events to wakeup from Halt mode:
    • WDT timeout interrupt.
    • PB input change interrupt.
    • External interrupt.
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