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NX1 Series

The NX1 series brings Q-Code (High-level programming) to 32-bit MCU, which provides customers with an easy-to-use, highly productive development environment to cope with the importance of in-time product concept realization. The multi-purpose NX_Programmer (USB-2-Serial adaptor) provides customers with various functionalities: program code debugging @ ICE, prototype demo @ FDB (Flash Demo Board) and mass production @ OTP. Moreover, NYIDE also supports C-Code environment, which provides customers with more controllability over complicated projects.

  • Wide Operating Voltage: 2.4V ~ 5.5V
  • 32-bit CPU core
  • Dual Clock Operation. Built-in oscillators for HI_CLK (32 MHz) and LO_CLK (32,768 Hz), each trimmed to +/-0.5% accuracy.
  • Power management to support 4 operating modes: Normal / Slow / Standby / Halt mode. At Halt mode, the consumption current is less than 1uA.
  • LVD (Low Voltage Detection): Total 6-level options: 3.6V, 3.4V, 3.2V, 2.6V, 2.4V, 2.2V
  • Timers (Timer0 / Timer1 / Timer2): Each Timer consists of divider and 16-bit down-counter with various clock sources
  • Two PWM Generators (PWMA / PWMB)
  • ADC (Analog Digital Conversion)
  • Built-in MIC bias, 2-stage of pre-amplifiers and AGC/PGA for gain control
  • Built-in 14-bit DAC + 1.3-Watt Push-Pull power amplifier
  • GPIO
  • Two SPI masters supported
  • IR TX, UART, I2C, SDHC supported
  • RTC with 4KHz / 1KHz / 64Hz / 2Hz interrupts
  • WDT (Watch-Dog Timer) supported with optional 188ms / 750ms Reset
  • Support OTP Security Lock to prevent OTP data from being read
  • Easy-to-use Development Environment
  • S/W-based Speech/MIDI Codec
  • Noise filter @ 4x up-sampling

For the detailed descriptions, please refer NX1 Datasheet.


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