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Nyquest launches 32-minute Voice Prompt IC in SOP-8 Multi-Chip Package

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Aug. 20, 2018 – Nyquest Technology, a leading provider of consumer electronics ICs, successfully launched the industry’s first 32-bit MCU stacked with SPI Flash memory in a small SOP-8 package for high-quality voice prompt applications. The NX11M2xAS8 adopts the Multi-Chip Package technology to offer the self-contained sub-system for up to 32 minutes of voice prompt playback. With built-in power amplifier, the NX11M2xAS8 can drive the speaker directly to provide MP3-like voice prompt quality.

The NX11M is based on Andes N705-S CPU core that runs up to 32MHz without inserting wait states at OTP (One-Time Programmable) memory to decode the SBC (Sub-Band Coding) compressed voice data. Moreover, it can play fantastic 16-ch wavetable-based MIDI as well. With the re-programmability of SPI Flash, customers can change the XIP code and voice / MIDI content easily via ICP (In-Circuit Programming). It supports four different kinds of SPI Flash sizes, 4Mb / 8Mb / 16Mb / 32Mb, to cope with different application needs. The playback times are 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 minutes @ 16Kbps bit rate, respectively. The NX11M2xAS8 is usually used as a slave device that receives commands from the Host MCU via 4 GPIO pins and play back designated sentences as a voice prompt.

Customers can now use NX11M2xAS8 to fit-in various product designs for voice prompt applications to enjoy the following benefits: small SOP-8 (150mil) form factor, few external components, short lead time, less MOQ, high-quality sound, affordable BOM cost, and re-programmability @ SpiFlash. The NX11M2xA also comes with an SOP-16 package, which provides a total of 12 GPIO pins for being used as a master to handle applications that need more I/O peripherals.

The NX11M2xA is in mass production now, with S/W & H/W tools ready for project development. Please contact sales of agent or Nyquest to apply for samples.

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